About Herbst Towing & Recovery

Herbst Towing was established in 1978 with a used Ford truck and 440 Holmes wrecker unit, a dollar, and a dream. Today, Herbst is one of the biggest and most respected towing and recovery companies in Nebraska. We have led the field in our region by being the first to purchase fully-hydraulic tow trucks with wheel lifts, flatbed carriers, 50-ton recovery vehicles, air cushions and sliding axle trailers.

At Herbst Towing, we strive to consistently provide the superior care and service our customers have come to expect. We are recognized for a diverse array of services — with professional, certified operators and cutting-edge procedures. Herbst is able to handle everything from tricycles to tri-axles, motorcycles to motorcoaches, and everything in between. Accident recovery, specialized recovery, air cushion recovery, off-road recovery, load transfers, load shifts and long-distance towing are our specialty. We do what others only dream of.

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